RECIPE: Overnight Oats

I always have breakfast. Always. So that's not a problem. But, I usually eat either breakfast biscuits or a croissant. Both of which are delicious but they're not exactly the healthiest of choices. So recently I've been trying to make healthier breakfasts, but I don't have very much time in the mornings...

Which lead me to discover 'overnight oats'. I don't know how to describe this concoction other than a cold porridge. Essentially you add equal parts of milk and oats to a bowl and stir. I then add a little more milk and voila! Preparation done. Simply put it in the fridge overnight, ready for tomorrows breakfast.

Now, I'm not going to lie, it's not the most appetising of meals. Which is why, in the morning, I like to add raisins and sultanas. I then add a drizzle of golden syrup over the whole lot. I know it's not the healthiest of options but it tastes delicious!

There are obviously many other flavour combinations to try, but at the moment this is my favourite.

Becca x

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