#HollandandBarrettBuddies // The Haul

You'll probably have realised that I'm fairly new to this whole health and fitness scene, so it's fair to say that the Holland and Barrett website is rather overwhelming to me. I hadn't realised how many varieties of seed there were? Anyway, luckily my buddy Gemma was on hand to choose a few items for me, and ship them to my house courtesy of Holland and Barrett - I also did the same for her, and you can see what I picked here.

I've tried quite a few of the products already and so far I'm rather impressed! Chia seeds are fab - why has it taken me this long to try them? They're so good for you but you can hardly tell they're there - perfect.

Agarve nectar has been mentioned quite a lot recently, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I've seen a delicious chocolate brownie recipe that uses this and I'm definitely going to give it a go. Another thing required in the aforementioned recipe is coconut oil. Yep, the infamous do-all product. This is probably the item I'm most excited to try - not only in cooking, but as a beauty product.

Gemma also sent me a variety of teas to try out, and at the moment I'm loving the Pukka Night Time one. It does taste rather strange to begin with, but it is super relaxing - perfect for this stressful exam period. A few more items included in my package were; coconut water, dried fruit mixes, lemon juice and some supplements specifically for teens.

I have quite a few recipe posts planned - that include these ingredients - so keep an eye out for those!



I was recently contacted, and asked if I want to take part in Holland and Barrett's latest campaign: #HollandandBarrettBuddies. Essentially, ten fitness bloggers have been paired up and been given the opportunity to gift each other £100 worth of products. I was paired up with the lovely Gemma of Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra as we - luckily - have quite similar, fitness, related aims.

Gemma's always on the go, either travelling or playing Roller Derby, so picking some delicious but nutritional snacks, felt only natural. I've heard quite a lot about the Bounce Balls, and thought they'd be really handy to eat on the go. I picked the Pulsin bars for a similar reason, plus the maple and peanut flavour looks yummy!

Vita Coco Water - it's everywhere at the moment, plus these cartoons will be really handy for on the go! I've personally never heard of Baobab powder - but I'm sure Gemma will enjoy giving it a go, it looks like the perfect addition for a smoothie.

Coconut Oil is rather popular at the moment - both health and beauty wise, I can't wait to hear what Gemma thinks! The last couple of items I chose were Peanut Butter and a Beet It Beetroot Shot.

As you can probably tell, I'm a complete health food newbie, so feel free to educate me in the ways of 'superfoods' in the comments...


Couch to 5K

Exercise and I, I'm not sure about our relationship. We go through phases of being inseparable, then other times we're literally the complete opposite. I used to do lots of athletics, and to be honest I was getting quite good at it. (Used being the most important word in the sentence!) Basically, having left a session with a broken arm, I didn't feel like returning. But more on that another day...

Since then, it's fair to say I've been rather lazy with this whole exercise thing. However, the tables recently turned and I'd love to welcome Couch to 5K. It's a podcast made by the NHS, essentially guiding you from zero experience, to being able to run for thirty minutes in nine weeks. (There's also an app!)

Each session takes about thirty minutes, and you only need to do three per week. It's narrated telling you what to do and when, and during each running interval there's some 'motivational' music.  Now that I've completed the first week, I thought I'd let you know how I got on...

The first podcast starts with a brisk, five minute warm up walk. You're then instructed to run for sixty seconds, then walk for ninety, and vice versa. Essentially, you alternate between the two and at the end, it culminates with another brisk, five minute warm down walk.

I love this podcast because it's free, easy to do, and starts off at a beginners level. 


Water, Water, Water

I've  recently discovered a deliciously, refreshing, drink* and I feel like I have to share it with you. (*Try saying that in a rush.) Anyway, on another note, I recently bought a couple of Kilner jars from Dunelm Mill and I love them. They're the perfect size for making these flavoured waters, plus they're much more interesting than a typical glass. There's something quite novel about drinking from something that isn't a glass.

This is such a simple drink to make, and to be honest I'm not sure if I can even call this a recipe. But anyway, add the juice of half a lemon, half a lime and a few thin slices of cucumber to a glass of water, and voila. A quick, healthy, refreshing drink. Mmmmmm. Now obviously this is 'to taste' so feel free to alter the quantities.

This makes drinking water so much easier, but I'm still on the lookout for a blender as I'd love to start making my own juices and smoothies! 

I'm also on the hunt for some striped paper straws, forever fulfilling the blogger clich├ęs...


The New Obsession

If you'd told me that I'd get excited about new trainers, 6 months ago, I would have laughed at you. Me? Enjoying exercise and all that goes with it? Anyway, I didn't really have any running shoes, so a trip to buy some was definitely necessary.

I ended up buying these beauties for only £16 in Sports Direct, and I love them. They're so comfortable and the colours are absolutely gorgeous. They're really lightweight, and I can't wait to take them on their first run.

We're going to Florida in the summer, and I've decided that a pair of Nike Free Run's are a necessary purchase. But until then, these trainers are going to be perfect!


On: Motivation 001

I only recently decided to dive head first into this whole fitness thing, and to be honest the motivation is running dry already. However, I've recently found a few things that have helped me stay on track...

Find a passion. If you don't enjoy something, it tends to become a chore. So basically, don't force yourself to do something because you feel you ought to or because everyone else is doing it. If you don't like running - don't force yourself to run. Instead, find another activity you like. Personally, I'm loving pilates at the moment, but more on that later.

Reward yourself. A Mulberry Bayswater after a run would be lovely, but a deep, bubbly, Lush bath is definitely more realistic. (And a whole lot cheaper.) Another thing that motivates me to exercise is a pamper evening, obviously complete with Mean Girls in the background.

Set little goals. For me, there's nothing worse than setting a goal and not reaching it. Yes goals are helpful, but only if you feel you can actually achieve them, otherwise they seem to have the adverse effect. Also, another thing to mention is that I find it easier to keep to them, if I don't give myself a time scale.

Don't do it alone. Personally I find the idea of jogging around a park on my own rather dull, take a friend/sibling/dog with you, and suddenly it becomes much more fun. Or go to the gym with someone else. But, something to mention - take someone who will motivate you to exercise, not the opposite.

Becca x


RECIPE: Overnight Oats

I always have breakfast. Always. So that's not a problem. But, I usually eat either breakfast biscuits or a croissant. Both of which are delicious but they're not exactly the healthiest of choices. So recently I've been trying to make healthier breakfasts, but I don't have very much time in the mornings...

Which lead me to discover 'overnight oats'. I don't know how to describe this concoction other than a cold porridge. Essentially you add equal parts of milk and oats to a bowl and stir. I then add a little more milk and voila! Preparation done. Simply put it in the fridge overnight, ready for tomorrows breakfast.

Now, I'm not going to lie, it's not the most appetising of meals. Which is why, in the morning, I like to add raisins and sultanas. I then add a drizzle of golden syrup over the whole lot. I know it's not the healthiest of options but it tastes delicious!

There are obviously many other flavour combinations to try, but at the moment this is my favourite.

Becca x



Right, as you can probably tell, the summer months are well and truly on their way. However, that being said, they don't seem to be bringing my 'ideal bikini body' with them. How rude. So instead, over the next few months I'm going to be trying my best to tone up.

I love pizza, what can I say? But before you all get the wrong end of the stick: I'm not trying any crazy diets nor extreme exercise routines, I'm just going to try that little bit harder when it comes to food choices and exercising. 

I'm not entirely sure where this blog will lead, but I hope you follow my adventures into the world of pilates and detoxing smoothies!
Becca x