Couch to 5K

Exercise and I, I'm not sure about our relationship. We go through phases of being inseparable, then other times we're literally the complete opposite. I used to do lots of athletics, and to be honest I was getting quite good at it. (Used being the most important word in the sentence!) Basically, having left a session with a broken arm, I didn't feel like returning. But more on that another day...

Since then, it's fair to say I've been rather lazy with this whole exercise thing. However, the tables recently turned and I'd love to welcome Couch to 5K. It's a podcast made by the NHS, essentially guiding you from zero experience, to being able to run for thirty minutes in nine weeks. (There's also an app!)

Each session takes about thirty minutes, and you only need to do three per week. It's narrated telling you what to do and when, and during each running interval there's some 'motivational' music.  Now that I've completed the first week, I thought I'd let you know how I got on...

The first podcast starts with a brisk, five minute warm up walk. You're then instructed to run for sixty seconds, then walk for ninety, and vice versa. Essentially, you alternate between the two and at the end, it culminates with another brisk, five minute warm down walk.

I love this podcast because it's free, easy to do, and starts off at a beginners level. 


  1. I want to download the app but i can't find it :(
    Michela xx

  2. I did day one of this and then kinda forgot, really should start back up again. Im just so bad at running!

    Emma x
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  3. I keep starting to run only to hobble home on my 2nd/3rd attempt with shin splints :( But i might try this out and see if I do any better!
    Laura x